Albion and sister Ethel
Welcome to Golden Memories Vol.1

Albion Avery has a few tales to tell
about growing up in rural Kansas, learning to love cars, then women, and eventually getting hitched.
Who bloodied Albion's nose in football? Why was he arrested? How many girls did he date before meeting Grace?

Grace chimes in to explain how as a baby she was abandoned in Chicago's Lincoln Park before being adopted by her farmer parents. After courtship, and a hot wedding, Albion & Grace were off on a honeymoon. But, can you make it to Niagra Falls on a jar full of dimes, and just how does a guy order a lunch ham sandwich in Canada?

Learn these answers and more while enjoying a wild romp through young adulthood with Albion & Grace Avery.

  Albion with 1928 2-door coupe

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1988 - Kriss introduces the storytellers: her Dad, Albion Avery and her Mom, Grace Avery. Recorded sitting around the dining room table at Little Blue Haven farm near Barnes, KS.
Youthful Follies
The Bicycle
1926 - Wes Sylvester rips his pants showing off!
1928 Coupe 
1929 - Albion's first car...all style and no substance?
Baby Grace 
1919 - Grace recounts what happens when she was left on a park bench in Chicago's Lincoln Park
Lester Smuts
1928 - Albion wonders how a short, cherubic teacher with a 'peach complexion' will handle a room full of rowdy football players
1930 - Albion as 'charging tackle' faces off against Rod Thurlow and discovers a trick play
Arresting Circles
1931 - Why was Albion arrested, and who financed his restitution?

Priming the Pump

1931 - Albion delays dating until sister Ethel invites him on a double date
200 Girls
Wet spins in Albion's sparkling black 1933 2-door Chevy with cream wheels & jeweled trunk rack
The Courtship
Pop Bottle Picnic
First encounter, returning pop bottles
Midsummer Nights
First date with Grace, a nightmare in a crowded movie theatre?
Dating Program
Driving around, Scotty dogs, checkers, camelot, hearts - the romance of shoveling wheat
Cecile Emotes
1938 - The proposal. Father Leslie readily agrees, but mother Cecile waxes on...
Sleeping Sickness
Did Grace delay the wedding for good reason?
The Wedding
Wedding Heat
July 23, 1938 - So HOT. the candles laid over on the table
Gremlins Attack
"COPS BEWARE" of this getaway car
The Honeymoon
Dimes And Stamps
Heading out for the Michigan cool with Albion's piggy bank
Cherry Cider
Ain't nothing juicier than an expanding jug o' cherry cider
Cops Beware
Ouch! Chicago sun pops the paint.
Niagra Falls & beyond
Michigan corn goes 100 bushels to the acre?
On to Niagra Falls, Maid of the Mist and Canadian Cabbage.
Lunch Ham
How does a guy get a proper sandwich around here?
Thirsty For Home
Straddling the international line. Oh, for a glass of cool Kansas water.
Encore Performance
You're The One
Albion croons to Grace
Grace tickles the ivories for Albion

Albion in ball cap


These stories were recorded by daughter Kriss in 1988 with Albion and Grace sitting around the kitchen table at the Little Blue Haven farm near Barnes, Kansas. Audiocassettes were given out at the their 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration. The recording was remastered to audio CD in summer 2006 for the EBC Family Reunion.

"Volume 1" refers to a total of eight hours recorded that day to make this one hour set. Perhaps there are more to come some day?

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